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 A Quant tool for the everyday trader.
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Introducing StrattyX

Create algorithms using plain language

Backtest before execution

Set up push notifications

Monitor and control strategies 

Link your own personal broker or exchange

Automated execution to avoid missing a trade

Quotes from Users

You've built a very powerful tool that's well thought out and has all the right pieces.


As an original Quantopian user, using this has been brilliant.

StrattyX is genius.

Meet The Team

Auriel Wright

Co-founder & CEO

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Computer Science, Harvard '20

Former Quant at Goldman Sachs

Kristen Fang

Co-founder & COO

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Computational Neuroscience, Harvard '19

Former Investment Banker at Lazard

DV Tate Testa

Co-founder & CTO

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Computer Science, Illinois Tech '21

Programmer of 8 Years | GitHub

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